Randy Mueller secures come-from-behind victory in TA3

Randy Mueller, in the No. 0 EpicMotorsports/BizBloom BMW M3, extended his own lead atop the TA3 points with a victory of his own, overtaking Randy Kinsland, in the No. 11 Kinsland Racing Chevrolet Corvette, with just four laps remaining.

“I had a good lead early on and was able to distance myself from the pack,” said Mueller, “but then Randy (Kinsland) got around the Viper that was in P2 at the time and was coming like a freight train. So I had to keep in mind to just be smooth and easy and take care of the tires since there was still so much of the race left—and I think that was the best thing, just to manage the tires. I was watching him throughout the race and you could see his tires were fading; he was losing the car a lot more and that’s how I was able to catch back up to him.”
Over the final laps Mueller successfully completed the unenviable task of fending off Kinsland with a slight wobble in the No. 0.

“I don’t know if it was a set up issue or something on the track, but I kept losing the back end going through the NASCAR,” said Mueller. “So what I ended up doing was not trail braking so much and just rolling through at speed into the turn. Our cars work really well through turns. The Corvette that came in P2, it’s about the same weight so it should theoretically work as well through the turns, but on the straightaways we’re at a huge disadvantage, our aero isn’t nearly as good and we’re at a horsepower disadvantage but our balance in these BMWs is so good, it helps us keep the tires underneath us. It was just one of those things to have the patience to let the race come back to you.”

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