With our standalone kit you can now easily swap an S54 or S62 engine into racecars or other model street cars. The factory ECU is purpose-built to run the S54/S62 engine and it is by far the most refined for the task. Although the ECU does not allow user tuning, you don’t have to hire a tuner to babysit your ECU at the track or get it started on a cold morning. There are compensation tables built in for almost every condition. We also retain both drive-by-wire and dual-VANOS so your engine runs optimally. Retaining these helps make the most power possible at all RPMs and with smooth throttle application that a manual throttle conversion will not allow.

The base kit includes ECU modification (your ECU is required) only. A drive-by-wire pedal cable and pigtail with all wires labeled for wiring into the chassis is available as an option. The optional kit includes wires for:

Fuel pump relay trigger
Diagnostic pin
CAN low/high (if needed – AiM data typically)

Please allow 2-3 weeks for ECU modification. You will not have cruise or AC compressor wiring (can be manually switched if needed). While you will be able to read diagnostic codes through an OBD-II port(port not included and must be customer installed),

We do not include technical assistance for installing an S54 or S62 engine in your car with the purchase of this kit. Due to the wide range of BMW models the S54 or S62 can be swapped into, you will need a wiring diagram for your car. We do not include wiring instructions.

Performance software not included. We recommend Epic Motorsports calibrations for the most power from this system.

*Does not include wiring support and is not guaranteed to work with other tuners calibrations – An Epic Calibration is purchased in addition at list prices.