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E36/E46 Oil Cooler Diverter Valve For Euro S52 and S54


Extremely important on E36 Euro and S54 engines!

The factory oil cooler (found stock on E36 Euro M3 and S54 engines, also a common upgrade for track and forced induction cars using an oil cooler) have a thermostat that closes off the cooler path until the engine is up to temperature, then runs only a portion of the oil flow through the cooler once warm.

Our Oil Cooler Diverter Valve quickly remedies this issue by making the cooler full-flow – or diverting all oil through the cooler for maximum cooling effect. This will typically bring down stubborn oil temperatures 30+ degrees on tracked engines using the stock cooler configuration.

Install in just 5 minutes (once housing is removed) into the factory oil filter housing with oil cooler fittings. Not recommended for street cars without the addition of a performance inline thermostat.

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